Summer 2016 Team Registration is Now Open

Posted June 7, 2016 By The President
We are opening PLAYER REGISTRATION for Summer 2016 Regular and Flex Leagues ahead of schedule!
Players can now register for teams.  Players should contact the team captain and obtain the team captain’s permission before signing up for a team in any league.
League coordinators will add captains to the team roster at no charge for Regular Leagues only. For Flex Leagues, all players (including Flex captains) will individually register during the PLAYER REGISTRATION process.  The player registration fee is $10.00 per team.
Sign up for a team HERE!

End of Spring 2016 League Message from the President

Posted May 30, 2016 By The President

To Our SATA Captains and Players:

On behalf of the SATA Board of Directors and your team of Interclub Coordinators,

thank you for participating in the Spring 2016 SATA leagues and the launch of online

player registration. With your help, the season was a success. Participation in leagues,

teams, and number of players closely followed the 2015 Spring Season. Comparison

between the two years follows:

Spring                           2015       2016

Leagues                          24          23 (-4%)

Teams                           157         149 (-5%)

Registered Players   2,127     1,878 (-12%)

A special “Thank you” goes to our captains! Without your leadership nearly 1,900

players would not be experiencing the fun competition and social experience our SATA

leagues offer. We recognize the additional work by captains who recruit players,

schedule players for matches, assign refreshments, motivate, solve problems,

coordinate with opposing captains, and make endless last minute changes and rain

make-ups. Without you, there would be no teams. You are appreciated by your

teammates and by all of us at SATA.

If you would like to receive more information about SATA events and updates, you can

sign-up on our SATA website: Look along the right margin on the

Home Page and scroll down to “Newsletter”, enter your email address and follow

instructions to complete the process. Pass the word on to your team mates and


Yours truly,

Maureen Joyce

SATA President


Summer 2016 Regular and Flex Leagues

Posted May 6, 2016 By The President

Summer TEAM REGISTRATION for Regular and Flex Leagues starts Friday, May 13th.

See the complete list of Regular Leagues offered here and the complete list of Flex Leagues offered here.

Captains can register their teams at no charge from Friday, May 13, 2016 to Sunday, May 29, 2016.  We are offering 19 Regular Leagues and 6 Flex Leagues; see the complete list here.

PLAYER REGISTRATION for Regular and Flex Leagues will open on June 11th.

League coordinators will add captains to the team roster at no charge for Regular Leagues only. For Flex Leagues, all players (including Flex captains) will individually register through online registration once player registration opens on June 11th.  There will be a $10.00 per player fee.

Information about the team and player registration processes can be found here.


SATA Community High School Project Fundraiser

Posted April 10, 2016 By The President

The SATA Board of Directors sends a sincere thank you to Donna Cline and Paula Goldstein for their generosity and outstanding work organizing the Johnson Ranch Racquet Club Tennis Round Robin/Luncheon Fundraiser, March 2, 2016. This event benefitted the SATA Community High School Project. With support from JRRC heard pro, Cris Bacharach, BPassionit Clothing, and the Johnson Ranch tennis community, $1,011.00 was raised to purchase sorely needed tennis equipment and nets for high schools in underfunded areas.

Donna and Paula , you have made a tremendous impact in SATA’s commitment to the advancement of tennis in the lives of our youth. Your hard work in making this event a success has lasting effects.


Online Entry Form for Junior Grand Prix Tournaments

Posted April 10, 2016 By The President

We at SATA are excited to introduce the online entry form for Junior Grand Prix Tournaments.

To access this form, go to the SATA website,, click onto Jr. Grand Prix, 2016 Schedule, select the tournament you wish to enter, and click onto Complete Application. Granite Bay Tennis Club Open is currently accepting the online Entry Form.

Once you complete the form and select “submit”, you will need to mail your entry fee to the address listed in the schedule.

This will allow your tournament director to create tournament draw sheets available for your viewing prior to the tournament and will streamline tournament results and point posting on the SATA website.

Thank you for your participation in SATA Junior Grand Prix and good luck in the tournament.