High School Community Project

One of the SATA’s more rewarding charitable endeavors is the program we conduct to provide tennis equipment to various high school tennis teams in the Sacramento area.  Joe Ayala, SATA Board member, works closely with the high school coaches to determine needs for their players. Our annual program solicits donations from the community of gently used racquets, clothing and shoes that are allocated to the schools. In addition, SATA provides boxes of new tennis balls, new shoe vouchers and re-strung racquets and other equipment for the players from funds donated to our organization. Several of the local racquet clubs help us collect the equipment donations.

Our high school program aims to generate student interest in learning the techniques, strategy, and etiquette of tennis at the high school level.  We have focused our efforts initially at a few high schools where participation in the sport was not well represented. Ultimately, we would like to introduce tennis to students at the middle school level. Promoting the physical agility and sportsmanship of tennis to individuals when they are young encourages a long and healthy lifestyle.

SATA also accepts cash donations to help with our high school donation program, and to help accomplish our mission, which is to promote tennis for all ages in our community through recreational, competitive and educational events. Please contact Joe Ayala to donate. Donations or discounts to our high school equipment program are tax deductible as allowed under state and federal law.

SATA Board member in charge of the program:

Joe Ayala, SATA Vice President