The SATA Grievance Procedure governs all protests.

SATA encourages all captains to discuss any dispute and to try to resolve the dispute themselves. If the captains cannot resolve the matter themselves, the League Coordinator is their first contact. Captains are encouraged to document the incident in writing. The League Coordinator will try to mediate a resolution.

If the League Coordinator cannot resolve the issue, the Grievance Committee is the final decision arbiter on all protests in the SATA Adult Tennis Leagues. Grievance Committee decisions are final and binding.

The Grievance Committee will entertain protests only after the captains or acting captains have tried to resolve their dispute with their League Coordinator. Any complaint filed with the Grievance Committee without League Coordinator involvement will be dismissed without investigation. (Exception: Grievances against a League Coordinator or the Interclub Supervisor may be filed directly to the Grievance Committee.)

Only the captain or acting captain (on the day of the incident) may file a complaint against an individual or team. Captains can utilize the SATA Grievance Form (downloadable as Word File) or provide detailed information regarding the incident in writing at the following email address: (Exception: If a team wishes to file a grievance against their captain, then the team may file a grievance with the Grievance Committee. The team must file one joint grievance. Multiple grievances from different team members on the same issue will be returned and the teammates will be requested to file a joint grievance.)

Formal complaints to the Grievance Committee must be filed within 7 days of the alleged violation. The Grievance Committee will start an investigation within 48 hours of the receipt of a valid complaint. All parties to the Grievance will be contacted and given the opportunity to respond. The Grievance Committee will apply SATA and/or USTA rules to reach a decision and will issue a ruling at the earliest possible time with a goal to communicate the decision back to all parties within 10 days from the start of the investigation.