Community Projects

The current business model of SATA specifies that monies donated to the local tennis community be gained from fundraising endeavors.

SATA has become aware that some high school teams in the greater Sacramento area could use some help with equipment purchasing, as well as time commitments from SATA players doing one-on-one coaching.

The goals of this calendar year have been to identify those schools wishing to have help, donate gently used clothing, shoes, bags, rackets, etc and new equipment not to exceed $250 per team per season.

As this program begins to gel, we would encourage Member Clubs to adopt a nearby high school team and organize players who will meet with the high school team during practices and provide some hitting experience.

In addition, the Board has made grants available to high school players (from teams we have supported during the year) to participate in our Grand Prix tournaments. This is a chance for players to get some tournament play in our local area.